My dilemma in finding a handbag without the usual adornments and endless logos, took me through a frustrating journey.  With the experience of an everyday consumer who goes from store to store willing to spend for that "right bag,' my husband encouraged me to put my vision on paper.  My vision consisted of a natural finished leather with simple, yet classic clean lines.  The versatile bag a woman "reaches for" every moment she steps out the door.

This journey began two years ago with a vision and design on paper. After sampling hundreds of high quality leather swatches and searching for the right United States manufacturer, we began creating several prototypes.   Within several months of carrying our first prototype, we were amazed by the amount of overwhelming inquiries and positive feedback we recevied.   We knew we were on to something special.  

Today we are proud to launch our company, ETTOFAB.   Where we are commited to keep the vision of simplicity, yet classic designs in our creative process.